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Size: 55*40 cm

This White Tara thangka which made on Rincheling thangka art school. where we have mostly are girls artist who are come from different remote area of Nepal. Mostly they don’t have there’s percents so they are out of education. so we are collecting to that kind of girls and giving art training which will help to them to survive in there’s life. and for our this project without your help we can’t do continue also. so we wish and we hope we will keep getting helping hands like you. to make this thangka took our artist 112days. this thangka quality is master quality, where all details part is perfect. and when we success to sale this thangnka sale of 45% is going to student fond. we have Rincheling foundation, which is for students help there’s life.  and this school is totally nonprofitable school where giving shelter  for the girls. and how we prepare this thangkas here are the process:

process is first made canvas with cotton cloth with natural white clay and glue. then after ready the canvas starts to draw the painting to sites on east side. because if we sites on other direction that thangka is not good for the meditation. so thangka is good to used if artist done to sits on east side. after sketch the thangka then start to coloring, which are used stone natural. then we used 24 caret gold carving. we believed that if there used the 24 caret gold on thangka then it is good to use for meditation. because when we do meditation that time we need energy and there saying gold is giving energy when we do meditation, that’s way using the 24 caret gold. and when time will be for open the eyes of deities must to get permeation from High lama from the school. and lastly the high lama will give blessing the thangka then it will be ready to use for mediation or worships.



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White Tara (Tibetan: drol ma kar mo, English: the White Liberator).The bodhisattva of long-life, White Tara, has one face and two hands, three eyes on her face and an eye on each palm of the hands and feet for a total of seven. The right hand rests across the knee in the gesture (mudra) of supreme generosity. The left hand holds to the heart the stem of a white lotus with pink shading; blossoming at the left ear. In a very peaceful mood, she is adorned with a tiara, a long and short necklace, gold and jewel ornaments and wears variously coloured silk garments. Sitting in vajra posture above a moon disc and lotus seat she is surrounded by a nimbus of various coloured rings framed with pink lotus blossoms.

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