Size:   50*38 cm

  • Handmade

  • Materials

    Cotton Canvas, Colors (extracts from minerals & stones), Genuine 24K Gold (No Gold Substitute)

  • working time: 105days.

  • Quality:      Grand Master.

  • number of artist used 1 person.

  • sales of 15%  goes to student foundation.

  • Note:

    This artwork will arrive rolled in a tube along with 1 page detail information and a brochure. Products ordered today will be shipped and arrive at your delivery address in 5-10 business days.

  • About artist:    Tashi Lama.

  • our:  Shipping policy,


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Vajrayogini is the principal female deity of the Chakrasamvara Sycle of Tantras. There are many different forms of the deity with each having a unique name and appearance. Some names are descriptive such as Krodha Kali meaning ‘black wrathful’ yogini and others refer to the lineage or principal Indian mahasiddha associated with a particular Yogini practice. The most common forms found in art are the Naropa form, Vajravarhi (with the pig face at the side), Vajrayogini in a dancing posture, Krodha Kali (the black form) and Dechen Gyalmo (of the Longchen Nyingtig). Other names refer to the Indian or Tibetan lineage associated with a particular Yogini form and practice. The terms ‘dakini’ and ‘vajra dakini’ are often used with reference to Vajrayogini.
Vajrayogini, is a representation of complete buddhahood in female form. Classified as Wisdom or ‘Mother’ Anuttarayoga Tantra the practices originate with the Chakrasamvara Cycle of Tantras. Although found in a variety of forms, she is common to all schools of Tibetan Buddhism. In this particular form she is a special teaching passed down from the lineage of the Indian mahasiddha Naropa through to the Sakya School. This form is also popular within the Gelug Tradition.

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