Vajrasattva Thangka 50*40


  • Handmade
  • Materials
    Cotton Canvas, Colors (extracts from minerals & stones), Genuine 24K Gold.
  • Dimensions (W x H)

    50*40 (cm)

  • Note:
    This artwork will arrive rolled in a tube along with 1 page detail information and a brochure. Products ordered today will be shipped and arrive at your delivery address in 10-12 days.

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Vajrasattva – the Diamond, or Adamantine, being – is the main deity employed for purification by practitioners of all levels of tantra. Depending on which type of practice is being followed, he can be visualized either alone or with consort.

Vajrasattva is white in color, signifying his immaculate purity. Like Vajradhara, of whom he is an emanation, he holds a vajra symbolizing mothod in his right hand and the bell if wisdom in his left. Although the solo Vajrasattva is sometimes depicted as sitting with his leg partially outstretched, here he is in the unshakeable full vajra posture. Again, Vajrasattva wears the beautiful silken garments and jeweled ornament of ancient Indian royalty.
The techniques of tantric transformation will not be able to produce their profound results as long as our present body, speech and mind remain contaminated by the impurities, accumulated from our past unwholesome physical, verbal and mental actions. For our destructive activities now and in the future, but we must cleanse ourselves of those negative imprints still with us from the past. Vajrasattva meditation is the chief method recommended by the various traditions of Vajrayana Buddhism to accomplish this cleansing, or purification. Furthermore, it is extremely effective for rectifying transgressions of the scared pledges made by the disciple to the tantric master at the time of empowerment and for restoring whatever tantric commitments we may have broken.


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