Size: 52*40 cm

This is Dorjepagmu thangka which made on Rincheling thangka gallery and art school, where have mostly are Girls artist who are comes from different hills area of Nepal. This is 168days of work where details part are perfect and quality is Grand master. This thangka made on cotton canvas colors used natural stone color and 24k gold. To prepare canvas used natural clay with glue. So, canvas is very strong and very soft. Sketch part done by Tashi lama, which is very important part for each and every thangkas. If sketch is not good proportion, then thangka is not good, so our thangka is different then market thangkas. after sketch start to color where we used natural stone color which we import from Tibet. After color making very thin and soft color lining which also very important. Then used 24 caret gold carving. And face is making end of time, before start to make face have to get permission from high lama which date and time is suitable to open the eyes. Without permission if open the eyes of deities that is not good to used for worships, prey and meditation.

In our school each and every artist are doing meditation almost 15-20 minutes, which are very important to crate compassion and positive energy. Then start to make the thangkas sits on east direction, because direction is also very important to crate the good thangka. If artist sits on wrong direction, when make thangka then it crate negative energy for the users. So, in our school followed all rules and regulation to crate thangka. when people used thangkas it will crate compassion, love, positive vibes.

And sale of 25% is goes to all of the artist of Rincheling art school who comes from different hills area of Nepal. Nepal is still under Developing country where mostly girls are out of education and jobs, so it makes very hard life in rural area where no roads no electricity. So we are collecting the artist from rural area and giving opportunity became self-dependent in there’s life.

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Tathagata Vajrasattva (Dorjesempa) white in colour, with one face and two hands holds in the right an upright gold vajra to the heart and with the left, held at the hip, an upturned bell with a vajra handle. Adorned with a crown of gold and jewels, earrings and various ornaments he wears a long green scarf, gold dotted orange silks as a lower garment and sits with the back swaying slightly to the left. In the lap is the consort Vajradhatu-ishvari (Tib.: dor je ying wang chug ma, also known as dor je nye ma, Skt.: Vajra Garvi). With one face gazing upward and two hands, a colour natural in appearance, she embraces the Lord with a skullcup in the left hand and the legs entwined, naked, adorned only with gold and jewel ornaments. Both are seated on a moon disc above a red lotus blossom atop a lion supported throne. The faces are framed by a dark green areola and below – filaments of gold on a background of blue radiate from the body to form a yellow nimbus sphere.


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