Machig labdron


Size: 43*31 cm

  • Handmade

  • Materials

    Cotton Canvas, Colors (extracts from minerals & stones), Genuine 24K Gold (No Gold Substitute)

  • working time: 126 days.

  • Quality: Grand master.

  • number of artists used 5 person.

  • sales of 25%  goes to student foundation.

  • Note:

    This artwork will arrive rolled in a tube along with 1 page detail information and a brochure. Products ordered today will be shipped and arrive at your delivery address in 5-10 business days.


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From this world to control bad spirit which are harmful for all sentence beeing through the Chod practice visualize Chawai lama, Hidam, Khanduma using  this Machig Labdron Refuge Tree thangka where she is  white in colour with one face, three eyes and two hands she is beautiful, youthful and appears in the form of a wisdom dakini. Adorned with a tiara of five skulls, gold earrings, necklace, bracelets and a blue scarf, she holds upraised in the right hand a double-sided damaru (hand drum). In the left hand held at the hip is an upturned bell. She stands in a dancing posture above a moon disc and lotus blossom surrounded by a blue and gold nimbus and red areola. Immediately above is Green Tara. Seated at the right and left of Machig are her two sons – the main lineage holders of the Cho tradition. At the left is Tonyon Samdrup, holding a damaru in the upraised right hand and a bell in the left, wearing a red cap and monastic robes. At the right is Gyalwa Dondrup holding a damaru in the right hand and a bell at the heart with the left. Having long dark hair, white robes and a red meditation belt, he is attired in the garments of a yogi – lay practitioner. Slightly to the lower left of Tonyon Samdrup is Dorje Dronma, emanation of Machig and lineal family descendent of Gyalwa Dondrup. All are situated on a large throne atop a white cloud bank hovering above a dark blue pond.


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