Green Tara Thanka 50*40


  • Handmade
  • Materials
    Cotton Canvas, Colors (extracts from minerals & stones), Genuine 24K Gold.
  • Dimensions (W x H)

    50*40 (cm)

  • Note:
    This artwork will arrive rolled in a tube along with 1 page detail information and a brochure. Products ordered today will be shipped and arrive at your delivery address in 10-12 days.

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Relaxed and at ease, is green in colour, with one face and two hands, the right hand is extended across the knee in the mudra of supreme generosity holding the stem of a lotus flower blossoming above the shoulder. The left hand is held at the heart in the mudra of blessing while holding the stem of a flower blossoming above the left shoulder. The hair is tied in a topknot with some falling loose, adorned with a crown of gold and precious jewels, earrings, necklaces and bracelets, she wears flowing silks and a lower garment of various colours. In a relaxed posture with the right leg extended, the foot resting on a lotus cushion, the left drawn up, she sits on a moon disc and multi-coloured lotus seat atop a square throne. Here she has been rendered in gold paint as an offering. With a jewel studded nimbus and areola she is surrounded by flower blossoms and green leaves. At the front a small table holds wishing jewels and precious objects of offering.


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