Rincheling Thanka Gallery & Art School is one of the most established thanka producers in Nepal since 1976. The shop is located right on the Boudhanath Stupa, one of the most holy Buddhist sites in the world. All varieties of thankas are produced according to Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhist philosophy and are linked to particular schools of Tibetan Buddhism such as Nygmapa, Kagyupa, Shakyapa and Gelugpa, and can be used for Buddhist practice. Our school recreates ancient Tibetan thanka art which were used in Tibet for mediation and visualization. We follow the traditional methods and techniques under the guidance of senior monks and master artists to produce them as authentically. Similarly, the colors that we use  are the traditional stone colors (mineral colors) which also imported from Tibet for the reason that they never fade out. The gold which we use on our thankas is pure 24 karat Nepali gold which provides the powerful positive energy and also the shinning will never change over time.

In Rincheling Thanka Gallery school, most of the artist are women who came from remote areas of Nepal who lacks education and are unable to earn sufficient income. In context of Nepali culture, women are restricted for employment and school (they are only allowed for household works). For that reason, we prioritize to promote and create opportunities for these types of people who are orphans and unable to attend school. This helps them to be independent by having an income generating skills and boosts the confidence to face a male dominating society. Thus, you can see we employ mostly female artists painting the thanka in our school which is very rare.

A word from the owner


NAMASTE, this is Mr. Tashi Lama from Rincheling Thanka Gallery & Art school. Our Our school started in 1976 with Mr: Norbhu Sangey Lama (my Grandfather), who was a great artist and also a pioneer of Rincheling from Tibet. Then, the legacy was carried forward by Mr. Karmanamgel Lama( My Father), who was also a master artist following to his father steps. And since 2005, Mr. Tashi Lama (myself) is handling this school as a Chairman and Master artist, where I’m giving art training as well as providing employment to many orphans and women. We are also kindly sponsored Mr. Andy Spencer to help preserve this precious art, culture and school. I would be pleased to welcome and meet you all in our school with a smile. I would love to share the little knowledge about the philosophy and buddhism with a cup of Nepali Masala Tea.         

If you are able to come by the shop and to look at our beautiful thanka paintings,  make sure to have a look at the school upstairs as well.  Your small visit and support will make there life happy and easy. We are sure you will have a great time  and memory when you visit our school.

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***Packing is done precisely with the use of hard paper tube to prevent from tear & crack of Thangka.