Rincheling Thangka Gallery And Art School is one of the best school to produce the high quality thangkas at Kathmandu Nepal, which is located at east 15 km from Thamel at Boudhanath. Here, we produce all kinds of thangka according to Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhist philosophy or any Buddhist school like Nigmapa, Kagyupa, Shakyapa and Gelugpa, which will support learners  to visualize practices.  This  school is  trying to make traditional Tibetan thangka art which were used in ancient time for mediation and visualization. In modern period, where everyone is modernizing the thangka and which is especially  not good for practicing. Therefore, we are following the traditional ways through the guidance of senior monks and artist to produce as they were produced before. Similarly, you can feel the positive vibe like old generation time in our school.

Artists producing thangkas in Rincheling are mostly girls who are from Tamang family. Actually, people of this caste are mostly from remote areas who lacks the education and doesn’t have sufficient income. In context of Nepali culture, mostly girls are not allowed for employment and school(they are only used for household works). For that reason, we are promoting and creating opportunities for those types of people who don’t have parents and who is not avail to go school by giving art training. So that they can also stand on there own feet by having income generating skills and confidence to face this male dominating society. Thus, you can find mostly girls artist doing the thangkas in our school which is very rare.

Whenever, you will come to visit or to get some beautiful thangka painting from Rincheling make sure to have a look at the school as well.  Your small visit and support will make there life happy and easy. You  will have a great time  and memory when you will be at our school.

Rincheling Thangka Gallery And Art School is managed and organized by Mr: Tashi Lama, who also came from Kavre District. It is 175 km far from Kathmandu. Namste! this is  Tashi Lama from Rincheling Thangka Gallery And Art School. I’m trying to make good family for all the people who comes to be the artist in this school.

   Budhham saranam gachhami,

      Dhammam saranam gachhami,

 Sangham saranam gachhami

MR. Tashi Lama