Ricnehling thangka gallery and art School is one of the best school to produce the high quality thangkas at Kathmandu Nepal, wish is located at east 15 km from Thamel at Boudha. In this school producing any kinds of thangka according to Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhist philosophy, which will be support to visualize practices nor any Buddhist school like Nigmapa, Kagyupa, Shakyapa and Gelugpa. This is school is trying to make very old tradition Tibetan thangka art which was using in ancient time for mediation and visualization. In this present mordent time which everything is getting mordent and is not good to practice, that’s way we are trying to make exactly the same painting which was before they used. That’s way if the people will come to visit our school it seems look like old generation time. And artists are mostly girls which are from Tamang family, actually this cast which don’t have a good economy in there’s family. And mostly we are promoting to them who don’t have there’s parents and who is not avail to go school. Actually in Nepali culture in village area girls are not sending to school they are only using for house work. So this is giving the chance to get art treeing and to became artist. And this school providing to them make a painting as a job. This school is meanly trying to producing the very old design thangka. But main target is helping to them who don’t have family support. So if you come to visit our school you will fell different school where mostly artist are girls, and they are working very hardly. So if you will come to visit and will buy some thangka money will go to support to them. Your small support will make happy there’s life. So please welcome to our school. It will be great time when you will be at our school. And this school is running by Mr: Tashi lama, who also came from kavra. It is 175 km far from Kathmandu.Namste this Tashi lama from Rincheling thangka gallery and art school.I’m trying to make good family for artist who come to be the artist in this school. so if you also will come to visit our school you will feel peace family Environment. Thank you.